Dash Butler
Name Dash Butler
Status Alive
Hometown New York
Profession N/A
Portrayed by ---
Other Info
First Appeared Shut up And Eat Your Bologna
Last Appeared --Unknown--

Dash Butler is the three year old son of Henry and Gemma Butler, and the identical twin brother of Becks. They first appeared with Henry in Shut Up And Eat Your Bologna, however they have been mentioned several times throughout the series, and their first mention was in Pilot. They also appear in a photo with Gemma as her phone's wallpaper. They have red hair, just like their Mom,Gemma. Their names were revealed in If You're Just An Evil Bitch Then Get Over It, when Henry comes home calling out for them. Tim Arbogast calls child services and reports Henry as an unfit parent. They are then taken and live at Gemma's dad's house.

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