Just in case the 'Shivette' thing probably hasn't been properly explained. But if it has, this can just be for the people who have no clue who she is while reading the summaries, etc.

Shivette is just a little nickname for Bridget as Siobhan. You'll see the term in summaries, and maybe other places, even though it's not the most formal terminology.

But question for editors...

When do we use 'Bridget' and when do we use 'Shivette' in the summaries?

I mean, for me, I use 'Bridget' when she is talking to someone who knows that she's Bridget or if I'm talking about her thoughts, etc. But if she's talking to someone who thinks she's Siobhan, or if she has any thoughts as Siobhan (if that makes any sense... at all), I use the term 'Shivette'.

I wasn't sure if anyone thought the same way I did. But, to prevent any confusion, I think we should think of some "formula" (for lack of better word, and I'm a math geek XD) about when we should use "Bridget" and when we should use "Shivette". I'm willing to change the way I use the terms if it helps the readers understand the wiki more and for editors to use the right terms during appropriate times.

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