• I live in Los Angeles, California
  • I was born on October 17
  • My occupation is dancer, model, actress
  • I am female
  • HannahDlaine1

    Hi people! My name is HannahDlaine. [ again, this is a role play account so I am NOT HannahDlaine ] My real name is Samantha.

    I wanna talk about Glee role play on Twitter. And I contribute to Ringer Wiki and Glee role play on Twitter.

    I was once role playing with this Sebastian Smythe role player named @iam_smythe and we were friends in and out of RP [ RP means role play ]. And then, our RP storyline got into a huge fight and then Sebastian Smythe RPer stopped RPing with me. And then, I had no one to RP with. Wanna know why I was lonely?

    Because there was this rude bitch named @ClaringtonJess and she stole @iam_smythe away from me and their RP was better than my RP with @iam_smythe. She was a Jessica Alba Glee RPer and she posts disgusting pi…

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