• Imanie

    Where I find infos!

    October 22, 2011 by Imanie

    Just in case people were wondering where I came up with half the names an people I added to the site, the episode titles, and sometimes, the episode summaries!

    Sometimes I will list the url someplace so it can stay there until it actually happens, more often than not... I just add them in, and I realize that it can be kind of weird or daunting not knowing where the information is coming from.

    So, I'm making this so everyone can have an idea of where I'll be looking to get new information or where I'm already looking to get information for the show!

    Now, I'm not saying you HAVE to use these sites or even use anything I've written here, it's all just to help everyone out :)

    I find some of the information I get from a few places. My most trustwor…

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  • Imanie

    Random Fixing Ideas

    October 13, 2011 by Imanie

    This is just a general blog post full of random things.

    While going through and adding stuff, I thought... how come the templates don't add the categories in themselves?

    Out of the Episode and Character templates, there is no way for anyone else but the administrators to change anything on them.

    • Episode template could add the Episode Category.
      • If we want it to get a little more complex, it could also add the season.

    In the episode template, there are two links (Ringer(TV) and Ringer Episode Guide) that are red and don't have any pages linking to them.

    For the moment, all the episodes are written in third person, present tense. I'm assuming that will also stay as tome goes on.

    Episodes look more like

    • Infobox
    • Brief summary
    • Plot
    • Cast
      • main
      • recurring
      • guest?
    • T…

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