This is just a general blog post full of random things.

General Templates

While going through and adding stuff, I thought... how come the templates don't add the categories in themselves?

Out of the Episode and Character templates, there is no way for anyone else but the administrators to change anything on them.


  • Episode template could add the Episode Category.
    • If we want it to get a little more complex, it could also add the season.

In the episode template, there are two links (Ringer(TV) and Ringer Episode Guide) that are red and don't have any pages linking to them.


For the moment, all the episodes are written in third person, present tense. I'm assuming that will also stay as tome goes on.

Episodes look more like

  • Infobox
  • Brief summary
  • Plot
  • Cast
    • main
    • recurring
    • guest?
  • Trivia
  • Photos


  • Character template would be a little more complex
    • It could add the Characters category
    • It could add the Status of the character (Living Characters, Dead Characters, Unknown Status).
    • It could add the gender (male, female)

For character appearances, I was wondering what counts as an appearance?

  • Is it if the character is in the episode physically (past or present)
  • Is it if the character is shown in an image
  • Is it if the character is shown in the recap (I don't necessarily count those, because almost everyone is shown in the recap)


I don't know what tense we're using for character pages. It seems to switch between present and past tense (for the Story section).

So far, the main look for character pages is

  • Infobox
  • Brief summary
  • Story
  • Photos
  • Trivia

(taken from Siobhan's page, because she's the only one with photos).

I think switching trivia and photos would be better, so it looks more like the episode pages.


I was wondering if we could start adding up more informative image names instead of 3qrqafr84rwn.jpg. Most images aren't added into any appropriate categories and really should be.

I started with 1x07 images and so far it looks nice. I added a bunch of past episode images into their appropriately named categories. The images in the categories I named as 1x07 - 1 through 1x07 - 8. I think that naming images well actually helps increase out google ranking because it gives them something real to search for (kind of). Plus, it's easier for everyone when they're adding them to pages if they at least known where they came from without just by the image name.


Description Should have a real, thought out description for the wiki (short so it can be read in any search engine). Right now it's the general wiki descritpion that every wiki gets and it doesn't add much of a personality.

  • :D:D:D --   Imanie     Talk     20:22, October 13, 2011 (UTC)
  • Took out season pages (finished it) and the rumored episode thing. Also added in something about description on the bottom --   Imanie     Talk     17:59, October 19, 2011 (UTC)

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