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  • I live in honeymoon avenue.
  • I was born on August 21
  • My occupation is artist, writer, pianist and grunge freak
  • I am a depressed vegetarian and christian
  • Scissor Luv208

    I felt sad when Ringer got canceled.CW sucks >:(

    First off,i felt happy when it aired--

    but then i felt angry when it got canceled and my face went like:

    then i lost it and i went all lima heights on CW (going all lima heights is attacking and yelling in spanish--santana form glee did that)

    but my friends held me back.

    but then i need a moment--

    then i go all lima heights on them again:


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  • Scissor Luv208

    Hiya!!! Scissor_Luv208 is here!!! Like i said on my profile,i said that i am a HUGE fan of Ringer.And i want to know......"Who's YOUR favourite characters from the show?"I mean,lot's of people watch Ringer and they usually think "Hmm,i like every character on the show".

    So,i am gonna show you all the characters of Ringer.

    • Juliet Martin
    • Siobhan Martin
    • Bridget Kelly
    • Andrew Martin
    • Gemma Butler
    • Charlie Young
    • Henry Butler
    • Catherine (Juliet's mom,Andrew's ex-wife
    • Bodaway Macawi
    • Other

    That's all,peeps!!!To vote who's your fav character,type in your comments below.

    Scissor_Luv208 00:26, January 1, 2012 (UTC)

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