I feel sad

I felt sad when Ringer got canceled.CW sucks >:(

First off,i felt happy when it aired--

Tumblr lzfw3d4WCN1rptszgo4 r1 400-300x169

i feel happy :)

but then i felt angry when it got canceled and my face went like:



then i lost it and i went all lima heights on CW (going all lima heights is attacking and yelling in spanish--santana form glee did that)

Tumblr m184wtPoNd1qjdoa4

going all lima heights (attacking and yelling in spanish)

but my friends held me back.

but then i need a moment--

SL i need a moment then i go all lima heights on them again:

Tumblr lztq5xD2DL1r3d3v2


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