Hi everyone,

My name is Jimmy. I'll use this 'blog' as a small - why do I like Ringer - post. I have been a fan from SMG for some time - I've seen Cruel Intentions, The Scooby Doo Movies and The Grudge 1 - so when I heared of the big return I was hooked up right away.

Digging deeper into the 'secrets' I found out that Ioan Gruffudd (which I knew from the Fantastic Four), Zoey Deutch (which I knew from The Suite Life on Deck) and Gage Golightly (which I knew from the Troop) there was no way I'd be missing out on these series.

So I tuned in (sort off) to watch the first episode and I was like... wow! This is the amazing series I've been waiting for. I loved every single second of it!

And now... I want more!


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